Icetoberfest 2018

A yearly celebration of and with the Icelandic Sheepdog, hosted by Jo-Ann Secondino each fall (in October, of course) in Maryland, USA.

No better way to describe this event than this photo album:

Icetoberfest 2018

The Icelandic Horse community has a traditional competition involving horses (of course), beer, and fun. It is called the beer tolt. The tolt is an ancient genetic gait of the Icelandic Horse as seen in this short clip of a superb tolt I filmed in Iceland a few years ago:

And it was only inevitable that Icelandic horse clubs would have competitions to see who, when riding a tolt and holding a stein of beer, would spill the least.

But what do you do if you have dogs instead of horses, lemonade instead of beer,  and still want the fun? Go to the video!

One of the great joys of Icetoberfest is seeing a new family pick up their puppy and take it to its forever home.

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