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The Stissing Center invited the whole Pine Plains Community to a “Surprise Party” while it was still under construction. How could this be a surprise if everyone was invited? Well, we were all surprised at how successful the renovation turned out. See for yourself in the following video.

The Surprise Party
The morning before his public concert, Wynton Marsalis held a master class for the Stissing Mountain High School Jazz Band. The band came over for a practice session to get used to playing in the new hall.

While I was not permitted to take videos of Wynton, I did shoot some stills for a photo album to preserve the occasion for the kids if not for the archives.

Last-minute preparations to set the stage for the concert.

I was not allowed to film or photograph the concert but was permitted to take some unobtrusive photos of the sound check and the party afterward.  Enjoy!

October 5, 2019 Concert by the Bard College Conservatory of Music Percussion Group.
This is a recording of the actual live performance.

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