NECC Previews

Don’t worry, this page is not on a public menu. Keeping track of the suggested changes through Vimeo was getting too burdensome so I built this page on a website I use primarily for archiving. Each story has a time code at the bottom of the frame. I thought it would be helpful to use this as a reference for discussion. Once the content is “locked”, I will do some fine-cutting of picture and sound and remove that timecode. I also plan to refine the titles to make them stand out against the backgrounds. 

To watch the video on your computer in full screen, click the arrow box on the lower right of the frame.

  1. Market Manager, Full Version.

2. Market Manager 48 second version

3. Market Manager 71 second version

4. Ana’s Story. Full version. The opening shot of the NECC building is temporary until a new one is filmed.

5. Ana’s Story, short version.

6. Betsy’s Story. The license plate is not legible.

7. Betty’s Story. I have tightened this so that Dale is introduced on screen without a title. 

8. Dan’s Story